Will Your Pool Cleaner Survive Another Summer?

The days are starting to heat up quite considerably across Australia, and that means only one thing: summer is just around the corner. That is great news for those who are sick of the colder climate and lockdowns that went with them over the last two years, but it also means you likely haven't been bothered to clean your pool out. There was not much use in the preceding months, but now at last there is good reason to do so. The real question you have to ask yourself is whether your pool cleaner will survive the summer months. 

Old Components

There are a lot of moving parts that help your pool cleaner function, and they all have to be working in sync to ensure that you get a well-cleaned pool that is beautiful to look at and crystal clear to swim in. From the filter to the suction and everything else in between, it only takes one part to get old and out of date for the whole pool cleaner to start misbehaving. If you have noticed an issue with your pool cleaner in the past, chances are it has only gotten worse after months of no use, so you might want to consider a trip to your local pool shop.

Not Every Section Is Getting Cleaned

One of the key signs that a pool cleaner is slowing down and about to give way is that it will stop cleaning all the pool and start only doing portions of it. Perhaps it is too weak to go to the furthest locations or simply can't make it up the sides. Whatever the case may be, there is no salvaging these older pool cleaners, and no real reason to when replacements that are far more advanced are so cheap these days. 

Your Pool Cleaner Is Floating Instead of Cleaning

This is often a problem with the jets or the hose and can be enough to write the pool cleaner off. It can sometimes be hard to notice if your pool cleaner is on the bottom of the pool or hovering slightly above it. If you have had this issue happen a few times then the age of the unit is probably playing a factor in its inadequate cleaning. There is nothing more annoying than setting your pool cleaner to work and then coming back in 6 hours to find it centimetres above the pool floor having done nothing. 

For more information, contact local contractors who either supply or maintain pool cleaners.