Three Benefits Of Installing A Lap Pool At Your Home

Although summer is almost over, this does not mean that now is a bad time to install a new pool. In fact, it is the perfect time to consider it because pool contractors are beginning to have more flexibility in their installation schedule. As someone who is trying to decide between a lap pool and a traditional family pool, you are probably wondering if lap pools have any particular benefits to them. These are the three main benefits of installing a lap pool which you can use to make an informed choice about buying one.

Shape Suits All Landscapes

When it comes to finding a spot to install the pool in the back garden, kidney- and round-shaped pools can be difficult to accommodate because of the amount of room they take up. Lap pools, by comparison, are easier because they are long and narrow. This means they are easy to incorporate in any size of back yard with minimal disruption to any existing landscaping.

Lap Pools For Fitness

Family swimming time is all well and good, but installing a lap pool means you are serious about increasing your fitness game. Swimming provides a cardiovascular workout which has a low impact on the joints, so this means it suits every member of the family no matter what their age is. A lap pool allows you the opportunity to easily swim laps. The more time you spend churning through lap after lap, the greater the health benefit to the swimmer. For the family members who are not interested in swimming laps, the pool is still big enough for them to splash about, get cool and have fun, so a lap pool is a win/win for everyone.


Because lap pools are rectangles, they are budget-friendly compared to some of the more complicated pool designs. There are no curves or bends in a lap pool design which need custom-made surrounds or special edging. Instead, they are standard, rectangle pools, which makes it easy to add decking or new landscaping. A lap pool is a no-fuss solution without any complications.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and advantages of installing a lap pool at your home, it might be wise to contact your local lap pool builder to have a more in-depth talk about if this type of pool fits your needs. The builder will visit your home, examine the proposed pool site and then give you a quote based on your specific needs.