Is A Glass Pool Fence A Truly Safe and Effective Deterrent to Your Pool Area?

Perhaps the biggest question on the minds of people looking to install a glass fence around their pool is: is a glass fence a safe and effective barrier for the pool area? The answer to this question is: yes, it is. For many pool owners, glass pool fences have proven to be a safe and effective way to prevent children from wandering off into the pool area unsupervised. Here are a number of reasons to help explain why.

Glass pool fences are made of hardened glass

So you've decided to use hardened industrial glass for your pool fencing — way to go! The glass panels used to construct a glass pool fence is many times tougher than your regular vase glass. It is non-shattering and only splinters when it breaks. This makes it a safer option because it does not break into shards, which may seriously injure someone. 

Glass pool fences are firmly secured onto the pool deck

Whether you opt for a traditional-style framed glass fence, a semi-frameless glass fence or a frameless glass fence, you can be sure that the fence constructed around your pool area will be strong and firm. Frame or no frame, the glass panels that make up your pool fence will be firmly secured through the use of metal posts or spigots (in the case of frameless glass) that are normally embedded solidly into the concrete slab around your pool.

Glass pool fences give a clear view of the pool area

As the hardened glass used for pool fencing applications is clear, glass pool fences provide an unobstructed view of the pool section and the areas around it. This means that you can see a child that has strayed into the pool area and do something before they end up drowning. 

Glass pool fences are difficult to climb over

Pool safety laws applicable in your area will prescribe how tall your pool fence should be. Usually, a minimum pool fence height is set so that your fence is not too short for children to easily climb over it. A glass pool fence has the added advantage of being smooth and slippery, making it even harder for little ones to climb over the fence. However, no climbable objects should be kept close to the fence.

The best way to ensure that your glass fence is a truly safe and effective barrier for your pool section is to let a professional pool contractor carry out the installation work for you. They will make sure your pool fence complies with the existing pool safety laws in every way.