Different Types of Pool Equipment You Should Consider

If you are installing a swimming pool for the first time, you may not be aware of the different types of pool equipment you would require for both comfort as well as functionality. Considering there are a myriad of accessories and equipment you would find in the market, some homeowners may become overwhelmed on what would be pertinent for their swimming pool. Here are some of the different types of pool equipment that you would consider.

A pool filter

A pool filter works toward eliminating impurities from your swimming pool. They also work toward collecting any debris that will accumulate in your pool due to constant use. If your swimming pool filter is faulty, you will notice an increased build-up in both residue as well as microorganisms such as bacteria and algae. To ensure that your pool filter is working at optimum efficiency, you will need to have it cleaned out periodically. For sand filters, you will have to have it backwashed once it has reached maximum operating pressure. If you have a cartridge filter, you will have to remove it from its filter housing then proceed to hose it down. You will then finish off the cleaning process by soaking it in a cartridge cleaning solution before returning it back into the swimming pool. For homeowners using diatomaceous earth filters, you would be required to backwash it and refill it with new diatomaceous earth.

A pool pump

Pool pumps work toward circulating the water in your swimming pool so that it does not become stagnant. The constant movement of water also makes it easier for it to be filtered as well as treated efficiently, thus reducing the risk of your water becoming contaminated. In the event that your pool pump is malfunctioning, you will notice that the water is not able to easily flow through the swimming pool's plumbing system and will start becoming dirty faster than usual. A pool pump is also fitted with a strainer basket to collect large debris such as leaves, which may not be easily eliminated by the use of a pool filter. It is pertinent to regularly check the strainer basket for any accumulation of these particles so as to ensure that the pump's efficiency does not become compromised.

A pool heater

As the name clearly suggests, pool heater works toward regulating the overall temperature of your swimming pool. It is best suited for homeowners who would like to make use of their pool during the colder months rather than covering it up and waiting for the summer months to roll back around. For more information, contact a business such as Pooltime.